You absolutely know what the “solopreneur plateau” is.
You feel the pressure of the Solopreneur Plateau every day.
Sales are good.
Clients are happy, but it’s you.
It’s all you.
The buzz of having a startup has worn off.
Yeah, you have some money, but it pales in comparison to the vision that you started with.
You are not alone!
All business builders flow through the same general phases of growth.
Level #1: Early Stage Entrepreneur
Level #2: Solopreneur Plateau
Level #3: Sustainable Growth
Level #4: Systems Growth
Level #5: Leadership Growth
Level #6: Legacy
Although there is no set timeline or indicator of how much time you need to be in each individual phase, every business must go through each level. Sustainability in one level is what allows for rapid growth at the next level. You don’t get to skip phases.
And that’s what many entrepreneurs attempt to do…skip levels before they’ve built a strong foundation at their current level.
WHY? Because VERY Few “Business Coaches” even know how to guide entrepreneurs properly or strategically through them.
So how do you do that? How do you move through each phase and know when it’s time to move on to the next?

It’s really quite simple, yet not easy to do in real-time.

Breaking Through the Solopreneur Plateau to Reach the Next Stage of Business Growth

It all starts with Belief in yourself and what’s possible. Belief that everything is figure-out-able.
Then, focus on one thing at a time. No one creates four streams of income at one time because you can’t give 80% of your attention to each one simultaneously.
Next, get a system going for that ONE THING before you move on to the next thing. (ex/ with programs….get one up and running REALLY well before you start the next)
Be disciplined to do what you said you were going to do and follow through to completion.
Finally, practice patience. Not every program, product or idea is going to POP really fast so keep at it, keep massaging it, and trust that it will get better. And be able to discern when to move on or maintain patience and follow through.
The Solopreneur Plateau typically occurs when your business is around annual revenue of $100K – $250K (give or take).
As a business growth strategist and consultant to my own clients, I’m no longer doing a bunch of hand holding or providing tons of new content and information. Quite frankly, they don’t need it.
They’ve already cracked the making money code! Financially their needs are met every single month and they can project a certain level of stability many months into the future.
What I help our entrepreneur clients do is stay the course, navigate challenges with clients and team, put solid systems in place, and redirect 80% of their time to the MAIN money making offer in their product suite.
And we keep that product suite to only a FEW offers. Plus, I have a strong handle on what TYPE of program is best for the stage of business my client is at combined with their personality, strengths, skill set, and passion. I know what levers to pull and chess pieces to move and when to make those moves at precisely the right time.
Entrepreneurs are notorious for being creative geniuses and ever constant idea generators. In fact, many entrepreneurs prefer to keep their head in the clouds and stay in dream land.
This doesn’t always translate into developing a successfully thriving business they can step away from and trust that it will still function.
Furthermore, the moment when your flagship program really starts taking off is usually the moment when a lot of brand new (and bigger) problems begin rising to the surface.
Revealing cracks in the system and foundation of your company that need to be filled or else revenue, profits, clients, sanity, bandwidth, and energy will come pouring out needlessly.
My role is to help you systematize, operationalize, and optimize your business in a way that fits into your current stage of life AND phase of your business.
That’s exactly what my programs Momentum 2.0 and Rise To Legendary are designed to facilitate.
Momentum is designed to help you speed up the velocity to consistent $10K – $15K months by channeling 80% of your focus on one main high end offer during our 4-months together. It’s impossible to stray, get sidetracked, or deflect the way I’ve designed this container.
You can also expect increased levels of mastery, excellence and integrity both internally and externally. Plus, ensuring your foundation is SOLID. You can’t move to the next level with out it. Try it and see for yourself. Or maybe you already have and you get it now.
I look at Momentum like a separator. It’s designed to separate the ones who want to keep their head in the clouds from those who will put their feet on the ground and build something substantial that will last long term well into the future.
Rise to Legendary is designed to help you build sustainability and systems so that your business operates consistently at $20K – $50K cash flow months. This is where we ensure solid marketing, sales, operations, and financial systems are solidly in place. And team members begin to play a more significant role in your ability to scale up.
We don’t skip stages of business.
We slow it down to speed it up.
We honor alignment and make room for adjustments.
We believe that structure, systems, support, and preparation LEADS TO the flow you so desire.
We keep our focus on timeless business principles.
You won’t be punched in the face every week with new trends, tricks, hacks, or tactics that are only good for “the moment”.
We’re building real leaders here. People who want to be leaders in their homes, relationships, health, life, AND in their business.
Both Momentum and Rise To Legendary are open for enrollment.

The first step is a simple one.

Go to the Momentum Program Page to learn more about Momentum 2.0.
Go to the Rise To Legendary Program Page to learn more about Rise To Legendary.

Step two, contact us so we can learn a little more about you.

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