A 4-month business accelerator designed specifically for high performing coaches, consultants, and experts who are ready to shift to a one-to-many delivery format that is equally if not more effective than one-on-one services.

This is your invitation to masterfully implement and experience a way to simplify the exponential growth of your business with a group model approach that will set you up for long term sustainability, profitability, and scalability.

Not to mention…time and financial freedom.
And sets you up to LEAD at SCALE.

Welcome to an implementation-based, world-class mentorship program for high performing coaches, consultants, and experts who are ready to maximize IMPACT and bring a high level of EXCELLENCE and INTEGRITY to the marketplace



A 4-month business acceleration program designed to show you how to lead a movement of your making while developing a business model that honors your life values and gives you more time freedom to be with the ones you love while also leading your company to the front of the pack.

This program is for you if you’re:


A highly skilled, experienced coach with a maxed out one-to-one practice ready to transition into a simple, scalable model that incorporates premium group coaching


A consultant or expert with a signature methodology and proven client results ready to raise your rates significantly, expand your reach and serve more clients through group coaching


​An established coach or expert who wants to re-launch an existing or new program using a proven process and add an additional six figure income stream to your existing offers


Wanting to exponentially scale your conversions and know that in order to do so you must ensure your systems foundation is structurally sound, strong, and solid


A true expert in your industry who is craving the next level with an approach of simplicity, high-level strategy, structure, and straight forward support without the overwhelm, burnout, frustration and exhaustion!


​An entrepreneur at heart and you realize that leading a company is not a part-time gig or hobby and requires focus, consistency without waver, work ethic, constant up-leveling, and getting out of your comfort zone daily


​Willing to put in whatever takes to create the life and business you know you’re capable of creating and take 100% responsibility for your actions and results

Ready For Your Next Level?

You’ve already got your business fairly well figured out. You’re marketing, selling and delivering one-on-one coaching or services and have traction in your business. You’re attracting clients consistently, in fact, it’s working so well that you are pretty much looking at a maxed out calendar. And if you keep running your business in this way, you might as well get a job because you’re getting really overworked.

It’s too much for too little and if that’s the place you’re at, GREAT, because we can help you shift to a one-to-many delivery format that is equally if not more effective.

Perhaps you have so much traction you’re choking so we’ve got to unlock the momentum. The way we do that is through creating a leveraged delivery process for you and shift you from a one-to-one model to a one-to-many delivery model.

You’re in the right place to make the transition in your business and focus consistently with confidence on the pillars that matter most to catapult to the next level:

Marketing, Sales & Visibility Systems and Structures

There are a million ways to grow and fill group programs and they ALL WORK. We’ll help you focus on the top 2-3 strategies for you that can be used on any platform and will work no matter how often the trends of social media come and go.
(NOTE: We don’t provide technical training – hire a VA to support you in this area)

Two-Core Offer Business Model

Upgrade the value and price of your one-on-one offer plus incorporate a premium flagship group program that you can fill with new clients multiple times throughout the year.

Operations and Internal Processes

Identify the foundational components that need to be strengthened so that your business can eventually scale without crumbling underneath chaos and confusion. When you shift to a one-to-many model there is a heightened need for the right processes on the back-end.

Client Experience

Provide clients with an excellent experience inside programs that leads to an increase in retention, referrals, results and revenue…the lifetime value of your client matters! This is almost NEVER taught in coaching programs…but if you don’t have strong client experience systems, no amount of marketing and selling prowess will save your company or your reputation.

Leading Team

You’ll want to begin thinking about your first or next 1- 2 team members to onboard so that you can continue building your brand and doing what only you can do. No team leads to stunted growth and a quick plateau once you begin running group programs.

What you get in MOMENTUM:




Weekly strategic coaching and consulting (hot seat style) with Team Momentum


Customized Growth Plan for YOUR Business


​An initial Welcome Packet upon joining so that your client journey can be personalized


Weekly Group Call Attendance is REQUIRED




A robust new client on-boarding process


​Monthly 1:1 Coaching Sessions with a Certified Team Momentum Coach


​Weekly ‘business wellness checks’ to track and report your progress and performance


​Copy and Asset Audits throughout the month


​​Monthly 1:1 Coaching Call is REQUIRED


​Weekly business metrics tracking is REQUIRED




Access to a training vault full of training videos that include ONLY the necessary business principles, strategies, and teaching that are required for exponential growth to 6-figure+ success


​Training videos available for anytime viewing


​Full access to entire training vault upon joining




​Develop a rhythm to reach your program enrollment goals


​Rinse and repeat timeless strategies that are working for you and see optimal results


Develop unwavering focus and momentum and the vital few activities that matter most


​We’re teaching you exactly what’s required to build a stable and sustainable business with a one-to-many delivery model over the long-term


​Develop the confidence, success mindset, and leadership skills required for exponential company, client, and team growth




Facebook group with access to your team of coaches and other Momentum students


​You’ll link arms with a group of ambitious, action-taking entrepreneurs


​Group Voxer Access to your cohort and coaches




Information without action is delusion – you’re here to take the right action in the right order at the right time and nothing more


​Eliminate barriers so you go straight to the consumer more quickly and with greater ease and effectiveness


This is not a course. You’ll be provided with all the necessary information, but you’re here to implement, collapse your growth timeline and experience what you desire through belief + action


​Many of the components in this program are REQUIRED and the expectation is high that you attend and play full out


The majority of business coaching programs in the marketplace today aren’t focused on giving you what we call Surround Sound Support. We partner with you and only want to see you succeed and live out your dreams as an entrepreneur. To us, you are more than a number. We get to know you and your business intimately and support you every step of your journey. Keep in mind, your results are up to YOU! We will do our very best to guide you from a place of excellence and integrity while expecting you to elevate your own standards and work ethic.

Chanelle Segerius-Bruce

“I’m so GLAD I decided to stop going it alone and be part of a supportive community again.
In the first four months of Momentum I’ve consistently generated multiple 5-figure months and have launched my signature program twice.”

Chanelle Segerius-Bruce

liz nicklas

“My 1:1 coaching practice is FULL, I’ve raised my prices, hitting consistent 5-figure months and have launched my group program multiple times!”

Julie Ritchie

liz nicklas

“I’ve had a brick and mortar fitness business for 20 years. Since working with Megan I’ve hosted over 15 retreats, developed a brand new signature online program, and launched a business coaching arm to my company.”

Alison Katschkowsky

Dana Dinnawi

“I joined Megan’s program as soon as I started my business and in my first group program launch, 9 women said YES!”

Natasha Hemmingway


I’m a busy Mom, with a lot on my plate, will MOMENTUM work for me?

YES, absolutely! In fact, I’m a Mom to an active school-aged daughter as well. Plus, I even started my first business when she was still in diapers! I know, it can feel like a 3-ring circus sometimes… which is exactly why plugging into the right system, structure, and support will set you up for success in business AND in your life as a Mom. Nearly 80% of our clients over the years have been Moms with 2 to 3 children. We each get to decide how many hours we want to work each week based on our goals. Most of the components of this program are a REQUIREMENT so this is a great opportunity to activate a new level of focus, priorities, and discipline that honors your family values.

Will I be able to make my investment in the program back during the 4 months?

That will totally be up to you and your willingness + availability to implement what you’re being taught in the program. Of course, we can’t guarantee anyone’s results. We’ll absolutely provide you with the training, systems, structures, support, accountability, and guidance necessary to WIN in your business. The only way to make your investment back is to first believe it’s possible and then take the action. What we DO know to be true is that your results, progress and performance will far exceed what you would do in the next 6 months if you tried to do it on your own. There is absolutely no reason for you to spin your wheels, waste your time or your money for years trying to figure all of this out alone. Furthermore, what you learn in 6-months can be applied in your business for decades…so your income outcome is unlimited.

I’ve been in business for years and have taken quite a few programs in the past. Will MOMENTUM give me anything that I don’t already know?

Ultimately, that’s for you to decide. If you’ve never taken a program from me and my team of world-class coaches and experts, then YES, you’ll learn something you don’t already know. I’m a big believer in always being a student first, no matter how many programs I’ve taken, how many books I’ve read, or how successful I am in my business and life. There is ALWAYS more to learn. There is always a new growth edge. Coaches need coaches. Can you see around your own blind spots? This program is designed to take you to six and multiple six figures. If you’re not already where you desire to be, then MOMENTUM is the place to be.

I’m different and I know I need 1:1 support. I don’t know how a group program will serve me.

Stop right there! I’ll never forget what Dan Kennedy shared at a live event of his I attended… “One of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make is that they think they are ‘different. You’re not.” I’ve been in the coaching and online marketing space for 10 years now and have been a business coach to hundreds of entrepreneurs. My clients who are in group programs out perform clients who only work 1:1. In my humble opinion, an entrepreneur does not need a 1:1 business coach until their business is approaching 7-figures. What’s more important is laying down the foundation and mastering the basic systems and structures necessary to grow. Coaches and service based experts all need to be focusing on the exact same business building principles until you cross into 7-figures.

How do I know if MOMENTUM is the right program for me?

MOMENTUM is a fabulous program for any coach, consultant or expert who wants structure, a predictable and repeatable system and timeless strategies she can implement that is proven to work, support from experienced coaches and experts, a community of other entrepreneurs who are action takers and wave makers, and a plan to implement and get results. In short, you need to be challenged. If you want to grow your business to the next level, launch your high end group coaching program, RE-LAUNCH, or even add a stream of income to an already successful business, this program is for you. If it wasn’t, you wouldn’t have gotten this far down the page. There is an APPLICATION PROCESS in place to ensure Momentum is the right fit.

What do I already need to have in place so that I can maximize my MOMENTUM journey?

MOMENTUM is not for brand new business owners who just decided they’d like to try their hand at being an entrepreneur. Building and growing a business isn’t for everyone. And it’s not a part-time hobby you do on the side. We work with business owners who take their role as entrepreneur seriously.

MOMENTUM is BEST if you meet the following criteria:
*Currently generating between $30K – $100K in annual revenue
*Already have a signature methodology you’ve developed through working with clients one-to-one
*Have a fully maxed out one-to-one coaching practice (or close to it)
*Ready to charge premium prices for your one-to-one and group coaching offers
*Desire to have only two core offers in your business right now (one-to-one and a flagship group)
*Already have an online presence and are not afraid to be on video

Megan Huber Johnson

Meet Megan

Megan Huber is a Business Growth Strategist helping high performing coaches, consultants and experts transition from “Hustling Entrepreneur” to “Successful Leader & CEO”. She brings along her 17 years of teaching, coaching, consulting, and entrepreneurship with high regard for raising the bar and operating at the highest level of excellence.

As the former Director for an international coaching company where she helped launch, develop and run multi-million dollar group coaching programs, Megan’s business methodology incorporates timeless 7-figure strategic growth principles combined with a human-connection approach built on authenticity and integrity.

 In a sea of coaches and online mentors who teach theory, Megan is highly focused on action, implementation and sustainable results. You won’t just get information, you’ll get the “How-To” so that you can take your business to the next level and beyond.

chris w
“Since being in Megan’s programs and receiving her strategic guidance I grew my business from $150K to over $500K in revenue in only one year! I remained consistent in my approach to growing my business and implemented a few key strategies that worked because I believed in myself first and foremost.”

Christine Williams

liz nicklas

“After 10 years of coaching clients 1:1, I transitioned into offering groups and online courses. Now my business consistently generates $20k – $40k months!”

Liz Nicklas

liz nicklas

“After starting my coaching business in the middle of a pandemic (June 2020) I’ve not only developed my flagship program, I’ve filled it with 55 clients and have had back to back six figure launches. Because of Megan’s Soul-First, Strategy-Second approach, I moved to Mexico where my husband and I purchased our dream home overlooking the ocean. Megan is like having an A-Level Strategist on your team.”

Debbie White

Dana Dinnawi

“In less than a year of working with Megan I’m generating consistent 5-figure months for the first time in 6 years, shifted my offers, raised my prices, hired two new team members, grew my FB Group by more than 6,000 people, and also had my first ever $20K month!”

Dana Dinnawi

What we stand for:


Strategic vision casting so you are motivated by something bigger than yourself


​Savvy strategy over fly-by-night tactics so that you can create success consistently over the long term (we do not teach trendy social media tactics)


​Simplicity in your business growth journey, eliminating overwhelm, complexity, confusion and burnout


​Keeping more profit in your pocket so that you can invest in marketing, team, causes you care about and live the life you deserve


​Fast action, swift decision-making and consistent implementation to accelerate the learning and mastery process


​Clarity over confusion in an overcrowded market


​Striving for a high level of excellence in all areas of business and life


​Designing a business based on the kind of life you want to live


​Business principles and concepts that will stand the test of time in an ever changing and evolving technology based world


​Human connection, serving first, and making people the priority


​Robust support systems to guide you through all things business acceleration, mindset, and high performance that fully develops you as a Modern Entrepreneur


​Results through putting in the necessary work and adjusting along the journey

And…to become the best version of ourselves every single day

Apply for MOMENTUM

Pay In Full:


Payment Plan:

4 x$2,125

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