This week I sat down with a pen and paper to reflect on the highs and lows of 2022, month by month! I reflected on what went really well, top lessons learned, new beliefs installed, and areas that surprised and threw me for a loop.

This was a year unlike any other.

Follow along as I take you down memory lane starting with how I entered into 2022 and where I’m heading for 2023.


05:25 – soul rest

12:25 – starting 2022 unwell

15:47 – January events

18:54 – health and the naturopath

21:14 – March/April was about business changes

24:34 – May/June new business model was gaining traction and focusing more on family

30:59 – a health retreat and turning 40

33:46 – July was creating with Niki Nash

39:51 – Sept/Oct/Nov consulting picked up and the podcast anniversary

40:15 – in-home, intimate, boutique event

42:35 – pivoting your business

47:41 – 7 lessons learned in 2022


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