Meet Megan

Client Retention and Group Program Leadership Specialist Megan Huber transforms coaches, consultants, experts and their teams into world class group program facilitators who design and deliver unforgettable experiences so that their clients remain satisfied, get incredible results, and keep coming back for more.

Megan combines her years of service in public education, athletic coaching, group program leadership, entrepreneurship and her ability to create sustainability and scalability through the right structure and leverage as a way to empower business owners to remove themselves from the day-to-day of delivering their group programs while clients still implement and get great results.

In addition to spending four years as the Director of Programs and Client Success inside a coaching company with group enrollment as large as 300 clients, she has run over 30 iterations of her own group programs and has led nearly 20 in person and virtual retreats.

Hosting the Built To Last Podcast and leading the Tribe of Legends Facebook Group are two of her favorite ways to connect with high performance entrepreneurs who choose to become her standout clients and transformational leaders inside their own best in class group programs.

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