We all buy something to help us get what we want. And what we want are certain results. We want to feel a certain way about ourselves, too.

Guides in the form of coaches, consultants, teachers and leaders (like you and me) can help get us their faster and with more grace and ease. Plus, there’s nothing better than feeling like you belong among a group of people who are constantly rooting for you, cheering you on, and challenging you to be more of who you’re capable of being. That’s why you and I both love being in group programs centered around what’s most important to our growth. From a business perspective, it’s critical that your clients are having an elevated experience in your program. Not only do they want to be provided with training materials you’ve expertly simplified, they want to feel a sense of progress, connection, belonging, confidence, courage, expansion, and love. They want to have the ultimate transformation. And when all the stars align in how you’ve structured as well as lead your group programs, clients will not only show up, they’ll engage, participate, support each other, learn, and have that transformation. Many of them will become quite loyal and will STAY for a while. Allowing the pair of you to continue growing together. Not to mention it’s smart business.

As most online entrepreneurs are spending more time, money, and effort on marketing and “getting the sale”, my invitation and reminder to you is to emphasize delighting your existing clients and focusing on client retention. It’s the new sustainable model we’re talking about right here.

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Enjoy Part 3 of our 5 part series.

21. Clients will bond more when they’re all implementing the same thing at the same time.
22. Community does not happen because your clients show up on zoom calls every week and are inside of a private facebook group. It’s your job to facilitate real community, connection, and bonding from start to finish.
23. As the leader, you must develop mutual love, trust, and respect between you and each individual client, between you and a group of clients, and within your client base.
24. Clients are highly likely to stay when elements of peer-to-peer support and learning are frequently incorporated into your program.
25. Clients typically make better progress and see better results when they’re in a curriculum based program (that doesn’t mean 100’s of pages of modules).
26. Clients in a group setting get results from a process, not from a person (you).
27. If a client thinks they need to run everything by you in order to get a result, you have created a co-dependent and very unhealthy relationship with your client. It will only last but so long.
28. If the emotions that clients silently feel throughout the client experience aren’t addressed by your various forms of communication, they’ll think they are in the wrong place.
29. You should find out well before the end of your program what a client plans to do at the end of your program. Or else you might find yourself surprised.
30. Clients want to have fun! They stay in places where they’re having fun.
Everything I’ve mentioned here requires a plan and practice and it must stretch from the beginning to the end of your program.
If you aren’t sure where to start with trying to implement a client retention plan and to systemize your clients’ experience en masse, what processes you’d put in place, or how this could even be possible, I can help.
This is exactly what I help you implement as a consultant, among countless other processes to scale your business without it taking over your entire life or having to do everything yourself.
This means that we can grow your business exponentially…without having to choose between your business and your life.
If you’re curious about how I will help you do it too, I lovingly invite you to DM ME to book a time for us to get to know each other now, sooner rather than later.

You can have it all, whatever “all” means to you.
We will get you there, just ask.

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