The champaign glasses made an appearance this week. Debbie had that wonderful moment we all work so hard for. A successful program launch netting $120,000.

Money is great and easy to talk about, but that’s not what made Debbie’s program a success. You know, it’s not about the money. You know, a 120k launch with chaos looming around the corner isn’t a success. Fear of delivery, the exhaustion of planning, and the unknown falling through the cracks. You know that isn’t success.

Success looks like this…

Debbie had a program that was ready to be delivered. Team members who were ready to execute and an understanding of profitability that supported the joy of revenue. 

The success was hard-fought. Debbie had 5 previous launches. Some were financially okay, others weren’t, but Debbie learned from each experience. More importantly, Debbie had a support team to help her analyze what worked, what didn’t and make adjustments.

Each adjustment was turned into process, procedures, and growth strategies. Debbie used every opportunity to learn from what she was trying to accomplish. And Debbie had something most entrepreneurs don’t. 

Debbie enlisted a support group. She found others who were fighting through the same challenges she was. Who could give her an honest opinion about her ideas? They could help support her in areas that she needed to improve and be her cheerleader for areas that she excelled. 

Debbie belonged to something bigger than her company. This made it easy for her when the days weren’t going as planned. And she had people around her who could celebrate with her when the hard work paid off. 

If you need…

  • support in your business, 
  • if you need someone to help you validate your ideas, 
  • if you need some honest feedback, 
  • if you need experienced guidance, 
  • if you need a team of trusted advisors, 
  • if you need the support of other entrepreneurs…

Then you need a mastermind program.

The first step is a simple one. Go to to learn a little more about us.

Step two, contact us, so we can learn a little more about you.

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