Sustainability is the NEW sexy when it comes to growth at levels of scale.

In this episode Kristin “Rock Your Talk” Thompson break down the key pillars to building a business AND life that is sustainable.

This episode could have been called ‘The Power of the S’s’ because you’ll hear us talk a lot about putting systems, structures, support, and streamlined offers in place to support the scale of your business to multiple 6 and 7-figures.

And all those systems is what allows you to take days off from work, spend time with your kids, and spend more time with the people you love most.

Kristin Thompson is a straight-talkin’, wise-crackin speaker & coach, the Founder of, & Creator of popular programs like Command Any Room, Rock Your Talk, and The Rise Live Event.

07:20 – starting a business with a 6 month old and a laid off husband

10:35 – knowing yourself, your goals and your stage of life

14:48 – sustainability and what it takes

21:16 – navigating the speed bumps in life and business

26:55 – the myth of scaling and some insight

35:07 – what do you do with all of the ideas?

36:30 – the top pillars for a sustainable business

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