What does playing the long game mean to you?

Many times, women entrepreneurs leave their jobs or corporate careers when they have kids to become a stay at home Mom. After a while, they start to get restless and want to step back into the role of creator, innovator, visionary, and leader beyond what they are accomplishing in the home.

That’s exactly what today’s guest, Vanessa Shaw did 16 years ago! And she hasn’t followed a straight line to go from where she started to where she is now. You’ll find Vanessa’s story fascinating, inspiring, and real as she dives into how she has pivoted numerous times over the years and helps her clients do the same.

You can learn more about the work Vanessa deos with 6-figure entrepreneurs at https://businessgrowthacademy.com/ or by downloading a copy of her free book – “The Million Dollar Question” on the homepage of: https://businessgrowthacademy.com/

04:50 – a lifestyle business not an empire in the early days

11:22 – integrating the life, the business & going to the next level

15:51 – long-term sustainability

20:36 – from solo business to thriving team

24:21 – how you treat your team is important

32:22 – characteristics that are needed as an entrepreneur


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