If you’re human, you know that not everything goes according to plan and unexpected, uncontrollable life events occur. It’s easy to fall off the wagon and allow yourself to be derailed by circumstances.

For many, it becomes the more comfortable route to take because it doesn’t require change, shift, or growth to stay the same.

In this episode, Daniella Astor is joining us to talk about navigating those challenging times as a new mom, in the midst of her husband losing his job, and the strike of a worldwide pandemic. All while shifting and growing her business as The Smart Girl’s Love Coach.

Danielle reveals her approach to having it all and becoming a better version of herself through the curveballs life throws at us.

04:16 – what being a power couple means

09:50 – creating a happy home life before kids arrive

13:28 – when things don’t go according to plan

27:25 – Daniella’s mindset during Covid and how it can help in many situations

31:21 – how communication is essential during unexpected or changing times

38:10 – traits/characteristics that help entrepreneurs navigate unexpected events


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