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Do you find yourself spending most of your time delivering services to your clients?

And even though you’re now making pretty good money in your business, growing to the next level can’t happen with your current business model.

There’s always going to be a hamster wheel, but I’ve dedicated today’s episode to help you get off the 6-figure hamster wheel of offering one-on-one services.

I’ll show you what’s possible by shifting to a one-to-many delivery model in a way that will accelerate your income, not cause what you’ve built to slow down or come to a screeching halt.

06:40 – what leads to the hamster wheel

14:05 – how you know you’re on the 6-figure hamster wheel in your business

21:29 – the steps to stepping off that wheel


Book:  The Trick to Money Is Having Some by Stuart Wilde

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