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Growing and scaling a company is hard enough, let alone two! It’s kind of like raising children. One is easy, two is a completely different ball game.

Well that’s exactly what this former collegiate athlete Jenna Larson is doing! She’s actively building companies in two different industries while also being a Mom to her two young boys.

During today’s episode Megan and Jenna touch on topics like:

  • getting your husband on board with growing your business
  • operating your household and business based on core values
  • enlisting the support of family in your entrepreneurial dreams
  • playing a much bigger game so that you set yourself and your company up to win!

02:13 – how Jenna started her business and her marriage dynamic

07:46 – getting your spouse’s support

14:05 – how Jenna and her husband navigate their boys’ activities

19:37 – going from Alpha female in business to mom and wife each day

26:53 – building 2 businesses from scratch behind the scenes

33:56 – 2 characteristics entrepreneurs can benefit from


You can learn more about the work Jenna does at https://www.drive-performancecoaching.com/

Jenna’s Tech platform GroupTrack CRM at https://www.grouptrackcrm.com/


Join the Structured Freedom Community on FB:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/structuredfreedomforcoaches

Website:  www.meganjohnsonhuber.com


LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/megan-huber-88001418/

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