Are you currently working towards scaling your business to multiple 6 or 7 figures?

Are you starting to question why tactics that once worked over the past couple of years just don’t seem to be working as well anymore? Or maybe you’ve become increasingly less satisfied with the online landscape as social media platforms and advertising goes through rapid changes? Perhaps you’ve been running the same programs for YEARS and you’re starting to second guess how you want to move forward with them in 2022. Sometimes, you might even wonder if you are better off staying small and not even worrying on growing because you’re afraid it’s going to be too hard and take too much time away from LIVING.

Deep down, you know every business experiences growing pains and you’re only willing to think bigger, find solutions, and see your vision come to full fruition.
This conversation isn’t only about making more money….it’s about:
Time, and
Peace of Mind
for you.

Have no fear….there is nothing holding you back from achieving the level of growth you want in the future! Everything I will every share with you is about timeless business principles that will last FOREVER. Not fly-by-night or one-hit-wonder tactics that keep you chasing after the next popular yet fading fad on the internet. As a strategic business mentor I want you to integrate timeless principles so that as things constantly change you are able to pivot in real time without having to do an overhaul in your business.

Here are four core strategies to incorporate into your playbook and game plan for 2022:

STRATEGY #1: Refining Inner Circle Activities In Your Business

Sustainability (and working less) is about working closest to the foundation and the profit center of your business.

Here are four key activities to strengthen:

Upsells: Expanding the lifetime value of your client/customer lowers the amount of cost and work for you to achieve your goals, and lowers the number of clients you have to enroll in order to reach your company financial and growth goals.

Referrals: Set up a referral system versus waiting until you receive referrals randomly from clients.

Renewals: Value every client at the highest level and identify how you can have them stay longer and refer more often. The most profitable businesses are the sustainable ones (not necessarily the highest revenue). Most coaches and programs have a sole focus on more revenue without a focus on what makes a company profitable (it’s not always more revenue). Your customer experience drives this so constantly find ways to delight them!

Reactivations: People buy in cycles and habitually. Invite past clients into your flagship program or other offers. The goal isn’t to have constant churn among your client base, it’s to do lower volume so your client base multiplies and duplicates. Focus on building a customer base for life!

Daily Consultations: These can be done by either YOU or a team member. Consistent sales creates a sustainable business and doesn’t rely only on launching.

STRATEGY #2: Higher Quality Lower Volume

Currently, to generate leads it is more time consuming and more expensive than ever! Keep in mind everything runs in cycles so that may change again in the future. Right now the cost per lead is 5x – 6x what it was in the past. Algorithms aren’t allowing organic marketing to work as well and it’s more difficult than ever to reach high volumes of people. What this means for you is actually really good news! It means you don’t need hundreds and thousands of clients all at one time. Look at your pricing structure and make sure you don’t need a gazillion clients to hit your revenue goals. Do the math!

Make sure your high ticket offer is dialed in.
This is something we spend a great deal of time and energy on with our clients. Keep in mind that inflation is through the roof. Prices are up everywhere. Guess what happens if you don’t raise your prices as a company when prices everywhere else are going up?

What is the realistic number of clients you can generate this year?
Then, figure out the pricing structure that works to reach your goal.

Also consider really easy ways for you to generate large sums of cash flow without requiring a ton of work on your part like:
High ticket 1:1
Intimate Events or Retreats
VIP Days mixed in throughout the year

Build out streams of income along side your flagship so that you can make more with less.
Consider things like:
Customer add-ons
Go back to people who didn’t close months ago
Target past customers for reactivations
A Mastermind that doesn’t require staff to run

In 2022 you must focus on BETTER, not MORE!
2022 is forcing us to become better business people and CEOs, not just cranking out more sales at high volumes and providing lack luster programs and support. The businesses that thrive will be the ones who are run by good business people who are also REAL experts at their craft. Step into your power and design what you want your business to look like – it’s not going to be one size fits all and cookie cutter programs are totally out of the window so STOP looking at what anyone else is offering or how they structure their programs!

What I’m sharing with you are basic principles that will make your company more:

Look at each of these things and take the time to get organized and get clear on how you’re going to implement.
How can you over deliver in your flagship (that does not mean more of your time by the way)
How can you retain a significant portion of your clients?
How does launching your main flagship fit into your year?
How can you surround your flagship so that your client turns into a client for life?

Bring in the RIGHT clients who can really go for it, who are high vibe, stable, and can handle growth despite what is going on in the world around them.

#3: Strong Sales Between Launching and Daily Consults

Launching still works, it always will. You can make it your own and set it up in a way that will allow you to have success.
Some of our clients do a full 9 days launch, others a 5 day, a few do a 3 day and you can even do a 2 day. Find what works for you and repeat, repeat, repeat until you have a really solid customer base that can multiply and duplicate. Set up your systems so that you are booking sales consults more often.

If you offer something $10K or over more than likely you will be having conversations.

Why consults between launching?

Launching is unpredictable because it relies on social media and we can’t control social media algorithms or ad costs. Plus, there are collective buying cycles and just because you are launching doesn’t mean your audience wants to buy at that time.
Consults between launching can be done by YOU or you can bring on a team member to help in this area. Go back to basics….it’s all about organization and execution at an optimized level.

The basics will always bring you:
A business that runs like a well oiled machine
And no launching if you don’t want to

#4: Who Not How

Instead of figuring out HOW you’re going to do all of this, look at your team and figure out WHO is going to help you implement this. When you look at the 5 main pillars of any business:
Client Delivery

Who is playing a role in each of these categories to help you implement? At first you may have only one or two team members + you doing all of the above. And that’s okay until you can have someone in each category. Everything I’ve shared today are foundational principles that you can implement for the rest of your life. The better you implement these in your business the easier it is to pivot and navigate constant changes in the collective culture and psychology of people as well as the ebbs and flows of technology and changes to the online landscape. You don’t want to be in a place where you don’t know what to do. Focus on implementing the system so that no matter what happens you have a plan.

Everything here you can do regardless of what’s going on in the online world.

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