Are you frustrated with the lack of performance and progress your team is making?

Working harder now even though you have more team members in place to help take things off your plate?

More than likely, you’re expectations and the position you’ve hired for are a mismatch.

AND….it’s fixable once you understand the levels of hiring designed to build powerful teams.

Level 1: Helper

A helper is someone who will require you (or a Manager level position on your team) to tell them exactly what needs to be done and sometimes even how to do it.

They’re not going to think for themselves or think on behalf of what the company needs. They are in place to literally take day-to-day tasks off your plate.

Level 2: Implementer

This person still needs to be given directives, but they have a bit more ownership, they don’t need to be spoon fed or micromanaged, but they do need check-ins with you to ensure they’re on the right track. They will ask you what to do rather than waiting to be told, but the decision making will still be up to you.

Level 3: Manager

This person is starting to oversee other team members like helpers, interns, or implementers.

Usually a manager (like a project manager) is not doing tasks or implementing. They are overseeing the implementers and helpers so you don’t have to any more; they’re also developing systems and processes.

At the manager level, this team member will make recommendations about what should be done and they will also ACT and REPORT on results.

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