How we were leading group programs in the past decade is VERY different than how we must be leading them in today’s world.

For the past 10+ years delivering group programs was all about turning your one-on-one coaching into a “signature system”, compiling it into a membership portal and hosting Q&A calls for group program clients.

Offering a group program became a way to work with more people at a more attractive price point for a larger segment of the market.

A massive emphasis was placed on launches ranging from PLF to challenges to webinars to live events and everything in between.

It’s as though the industry went on a craze to skill up in the categories of marketing and sales without counter-balancing it with gold-standard client care, client experience, program operations, and client results.

While marketing, sales, and launches are and will continue to be a vital and daily part of growing any business (ahem: every business is almost always launching something in order to remain relevant)…

…the market is more sophisticated than ever with much higher expectations of the experience they’re being provided inside group programs.

The Full Client Experience

In fact, the full client experience involves multiple “emotional levels” beginning at the point of interested in doing business with your company all the way until becoming a loyal, long-standing client and raving fan of your brand.

When you reach the point of truly being able to scale ($1M+) your company through leveraged programs…your leadership ability, client experience, program delivery and operations, customer service, as well as 5-star team involvement become increasingly important if you want to be the one and only in your category.

What we’re witnessing in the marketplace right now is client experience being the last standing brand differentiator for business owners in the online education and coaching spaces.

Between working in both the public education and coaching industry for 18 years combined, I’ve built an expertise in what’s required for adult ‘students’ of various backgrounds, personalities, preferred processing styles, strengths + weaknesses, and learning preferences to be successful in medium to large scale group programs.

As a leader in the group program design, delivery, and operations space (based on education, training, credentials, and real-world experience), it is time to evolve the way I work with clients.

To work with leaders who truly desire to provide a high-integrity, best in class experience for their group program clients and students alike while also generating high profit margins that serve their personal goals and primary aim.

Reinvent Learning

It is time to reinvent the way we’re leading adult ‘learners’ through our program curriculum, facilitating growth and progress, and operating our programs.

So they are sustainable, scalable, and profitable while simultaneously taking care of the client first and foremost.

Providing a world-class experience for your group program clients is required if you want to be in a category of one.


Anyone can launch a group program.

But in order to truly make your mark and design something that’s built to last, client experience and retention matters at an all time high right now.

If you are ready to scale your existing group program ($1M+), to provide a world-class client experience from start to finish, clean up the operational disarray behind the scenes, to replace yourself with A-Player team members where necessary, and enter into a category of one by being a brand that puts client care + results first…

…this is my invitation to you to connect with me about my client retention and group program leadership consulting.

What private consulting with me looks like:

1) Auditing Your Entire Group Program, giving you an expert viewpoint on what’s going to catapult your group program forward in a scalable, more profitable and sustainable direction — and then giving you a clear timeline and plan on exactly what to shift and in what order

2) Optimizing Your Group Program Operations, identifying opportunities to streamline, improving repeatable systems, and developing processes to support clients in producing better results

3) Creating a Culture of Leadership Among Your Team, so that the front-facing team members associated with client delivery and program operations can oversee the majority of program logistics + delivery, client care, and day-to-day group program operations

In total this is about a 4-week process and includes an in-person VIP day with me in Florida.

I have several in-person VIP days available over the next 4 months. Connect with me here if you’re scaling your existing group program beyond $1M+.

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