The Coaching Industry

As a former public school teacher, when I left the classroom after becoming a new Mom, I was more than pleased to discover the world we call the “Expert & Coaching Industry”. I was able to take my educator, teaching, and athletic coaching skills and turn them into a marketable product that eventually became increasingly easy to monetize. The ability to have a low-overhead, highly profitable business online allowing you to work from anywhere is a dream scenario for a business owner.

Over the recent decade, we’ve seen a tremendous surge in new business owners stake claim on their corner of the internet to offer services in the form of coaching programs, courses, groups, memberships, live events, books, and more.

On every topic imaginable. The options are endless for the consumer. Increasing the challenge in creating brand loyalty, even for the most seasoned of business owners.The hyper-growth of the expert and coaching industry, from both the business owner and consumer side, has forced a focus on clients that did not exist previously. One particular niche in the expert space, business coaching, has hyper-focused its efforts on teaching new bright-eyed-and-busy-tailed business owners the critical skills of marketing and sales.

Without Mastering Marketing & Sales a Business Ceases to Exist

But this post isn’t for brand new business owners. And it’s not about pitching programs to strangers. It’s for the business owner who has already built and mastered lead generation, messaging, marketing, and sales. To the tune of programs that have reached the coveted milestone of becoming scalable.

You already have a base of clients. Now it’s time to figure out how to grow, monetize and build an ongoing, mutually beneficial relationship with a dedicated base of clients. The philosophy, discipline, and organization of client success is fundamental to this process. Because we now live in a client economy. Which demands a new focus on clients no matter what kind of niche you’re in.

Client success and satisfaction practices are growing in importance every day as we as an industry recognize that the foundation of continued success and growth is built upon a satisfied and renewing client base.

In 2019, when I developed my flagship group program (we ran it for 3 years), one of my first hires was in Client Success.

Not a social media manager.

Not a social seller or salesperson.

Not an operations manager.

During every weekly meeting we started the conversation out with an overview on how our clients were progressing and performing. How did we know? We knew what data and metrics to collect on a weekly basis from our clients. We also had a communication process in place for the team member responsible for client success.

We were extremely willing to test out various processes for onboarding, curriculum distribution, client feedback, and accountability just to name a few. Over the course of 3 years, we tried out nearly 10 different onboarding processes alone. “What can we do to improve the success our clients are experiencing?” was the leading question we asked ourselves as a team.

We saw our client retention and renewal rate increase by 20% within 6 months.

Investing in client success is the investment that keeps on giving. It will transform your entire organization.

Shifting Industry

What our beloved industry is rapidly shifting to is a client-centric model. And if you choose to evolve along with this shift, you’ll thrive for years to come.

Being client-centric is about truly understanding your client’s unmet needs. Which goes WAY beyond the results they achieve and goals they hit while being a member of your programs.

Once you know this, you will have a great foundation on which to build the strategy, team, and mechanics that drive client success in your company.

Just like working with my classroom of diverse high school students, client success in the expert and coaching industry has to also adapt to the changing landscape of adult learners and consumers as well as their expectations.

When your company focuses on client success as a main core value of how it operates it will:

> Preserve your book of business
> Open doors for additional opportunities
> Create brand advocates in your clients

When optimized, client success is the best sales and marketing engine possible for the company who has mastered lead generation, marketing, and sales on the front end of the business.

Focusing on client success is now imperative to the long-lasting growth, sustainability, and significance of your business.

If you want to embark on and thrive in the development and application of client success in your day to day business practices, this is an incredible time to become client centric. The opportunity is limitless for those who can look into the future through the lens of the client.

If you are ready to scale your existing group program ($1M+), to provide a world-class client experience from start to finish, clean up the operational disarray behind the scenes, to replace yourself with A-Player team members where necessary, and enter into a category of one by being a brand that puts client care + results first…

…this is my invitation to you to send me an email at about becoming your secret weapon behind the scenes and strategic advisor who can show you what you’re missing from a new perspective while creating tremendous value in your business.

What our strategic partner will look like:

1) Auditing Your Entire Group Program: Giving you an expert viewpoint on what’s going to catapult your leveraged + scalable program forward in a client-centric, more profitable and sustainable direction — shifting clients into becoming loyal advocates of your brand.

2) Optimizing Your Group Program Operations: Identifying client centric opportunities to streamline, improving repeatable systems, and developing processes to support clients in producing better results while simultaneously increasing their satisfaction score.

3) Creating Your Client Success Team: So that the front-facing team members associated with client delivery and program operations can oversee the majority of program logistics + delivery, client care, and day-to-day group program operations with a dedication to putting the clients first and establishing long term relationships.

In total this is about a 4-week process and includes an in-person VIP day with me in Florida.

Send me an email at to start the conversation today and let me know that you’d like the details for the Client Retention and Group Program Leadership Consulting.

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