Thanks! You're In!

Group Coaching Mastery Bootcamp! You’re in!
Please make every effort to attend. If you’ve gotten this far, we expect to see you there live and on time.

Megan Huber Johnson
Date of Group Coaching Master Bootcamp:
April 26 – 29, 2022
1-2 PM EST

What You’ll Experience During the Bootcamp:

  • Discover the right group coaching model that fits into your lifestyle, honors your skillset, and sets your clients up for success while creating the freedom and income you want from your business

  • Create a performance-based learning environment for your group coaching clients designed to increase participant engagement, implementation, and accountability which increases retention and re-enrollment.

  • Best practices for the structure, format, and distribution of content and deliverables inside your group coaching program so that you avoid mental and emotional exhaustion while fully supporting how adults learn and get results.

  • Properly price your group coaching program based on both value and cost so that you attract the right people and meet your financial goals.

  • How to attract, qualify, and enroll top notch clients into your group coaching program following a high integrity process, plus do it without the overwhelm or launch burnout.


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