A 5-Day Masterclass on Crafting a Group Offering that Practically Enrolls Itself

Join me to learn the top strategies for creating a group coaching program your ideal clients will find irresistible.

Leverage Your Expertise, Enthusiasm and Energy to Make a Way Bigger Impact In Way Less Time


Here’s some of what you’ll discover in the 5-day Masterclass…


​How to identify and connect with your ideal group coaching program clients without using webinars, overwhelming launches, risky facebook ads or in-person events


The most compelling topic for your group coaching program… so that it speaks directly to the desires and dreams of your most ideal client (making it SO easy for them to say yes.)


​​How to structure your group offering… so it fits into your lifestyle and helps your clients get real results (but more importantly… sets them up to move into your bigger programs without having to prove how awesome you are).


​​How to differentiate what you do from “everyone else” and increase the perceived value of your group coaching program

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